S9 + Quick Service Toolkit, 209-PCS

USD $4,450.00

Sonic Tools


We took the guesswork out for the Quick Service or entry-level technician. This 209-piece tool set is specifically designed for this and for the Sonic S9 toolbox. Sonic Tools S9 Toolbox stands above the competition with premium features like a powder-coated finish, a unique strengthening manufacturing process, and roller-bearing drawer slides. All Sonic toolboxes are stamped from one sheet of sheet metal, then the sides are folded up and bonded to each other and the other panels. This process builds a much stronger box and incurs much less flex than others. Each of the 8 drawers have an 88-pound load capacity, while the whole Sonic S9 toolbox will support over 880-pounds.

The addition of the Quick Service 209-piece set delivers with the typical ratchets and sockets in all the common drive sizes (1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2”). You also get specific items like Torque Sticks, Wheel sockets (with a protective sleeve), impact sockets, and oil-filter wrenches. Furthermore, a tire-pressure gauge, tire-tread depth indicator, and even a battery-powered LED light has been added. All 209-pieces find their spot in the iconic Sonic foam trays, perfectly cut for each tool and labeled accordingly.