X9 Lathe Pkg with G2X Upgrade


Made In The USA

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The PFM X9 combines our best existing technologies, like patented PFM one button computerized compensation system and 4 wheel-4 axis fully adjustable trolley, and combines them with a rigid new X-Frame lathe chassis, powerful belt driven hightorque drivetrain, and super bright 6 LED light to give you a clear path to higher profits! All X9’s come with our famous DRO display that includes live run-out, productivity tracking, and lathe diagnostics. X9’s are digitally expandable to optional G2X and GYR systems. Comes with 50-1250 Precision cutting head and full G2X electronics.



  • Includes BrakeSaver Point of Sale Marketing material: Provides exceptional Return on Investment (ROI); 4-6 months is common in busier shops.
  • Patented one touch Lateral Run Out (LRO) compensation: Press one button and the latest PFM lathes compensate in less than 20 seconds.
  • DRO “Live” digital computer display: Displays actual live LRO of machine & tracks # of compensations and duration.
  • Custom Calibrated Rate Sensor: Locks lathe in at .001” or less LRO every time you compensate for factory perfect cuts.
  • Cross Platform Compatible Computer & wiring harness: Allows use of plug & play G2X measuring Cutting Head & full GYR Technology Package.
  • 4 Wheel, 4 Axis, Adjustable Trolley: Working Range of 21”to 43” allows the use on any lift or no lift.
  • 2 YR parts & labor Warranty, 3 YR body warranty: Match Rotors day in and day out with peace of mind.(maintenance & abuse not covered).



Power supply 240 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) X9 - 35" x 29" x 32" inch