BCE-300 Clayton Economy Brake Washer



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Clayton Brake Washers are the safe and affordable alternative to using aerosol brake cleaners, during brake inspection and repairs. Our systems are designed specifically for wetting and cleaning vehicle brakes. Clayton Brake Washers are mobile and can be used to safely clean hazardous dust from all types of brakes, then can easily be set aside to allow the brake work to continue. BCE-300 Economy Brake Washer system includes: (1) TNT 1-liter Organic, Biodegradable cleaner and rust inhibitor (1) Splash Pad filter (1) Primary Micro Filter 6-Pack (1) Oil Magnet



  • Aqueous brake washers are the OSHA preferred method for wetting and cleaning brakes.
  • Eliminates exposure to airborne dust during brake removal and cleaning of brakes.
  • Clean all four brakes on 30 cars for less than the cost of one can of aerosol brake cleaner.
  • 1 micron primary filter keeps our TNT cleaning solution going for approximately 150 vehicles.
  • Collects and re-circulates TNT brake cleaning solution and keeps your shop floor clean.
  • Industrial construction stands up to daily rigors and rough shop environments.
  • 15 Gallon Drum style, portable design.
  • Compressed air powered.
  • Flow-thru brush.



Weight approx. 55 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 30 x 21 x 28 inch