AGA Brake Disk Removal Kit




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Problem: The brake disc is stuck to the hub and requires substantial force to be removed. Hammering the disc is not a good option. Solution: AGA’s Brake Disc Remover provides an easier, smoother and more controlled removal process. Benefits: - No more hammering on the brake disc introducing shock load to wheel bearing. - No shock load on electronic sensors. - No shock loads transferring to other components in the suspension such as ball joints, etc. - Leaves no mark on brake discs if reused or removed for off car machining. - Brake disc is captured by the standoff screws when it comes loose. - Eliminates the risk of injury by a brake disc falling on the technician’s feet causing injury. - Eliminates the brake disc hitting the floor, which damages epoxy coating, tiles and even concrete. - Eliminates chance of disc hitting customer wheel placed on floor causing damage to the rim.



Weight approx. 10 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 14 x 13 x 5 inch