WinAlign Package including WA685 console with 32" Wide Screen LCD Display and HE421CM sensors


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These new consoles feature Hunter's New HW2 PC running Windows 10 and WinAlign 15.1. The Premium WA600 will contain all the same features as its predecessor, WA400, including but not limited to Plus Key (Hawkeye Elite, Photo, Video, etc.), CodeLink, Ride Height Targets, Premium Cabinets, etc.



  • New console design features integrated storage and charging for popular accessories
  • Patented steering system reset integration resets computerized steering systems on a wide variety of vehicles with one simple tool.
  • Fully Integrated Alignment streamlines the entire alignment process when using a compatible Hunter alignment rack.
  • Communication links automate tasks once performed by the technician manually, eliminating time-consuming trips around the vehicle and to-and-from the console.
  • TPMSpecs Pulls together over 100 TPMS procedures into a simple, yet comprehensive, user-friendly format for the technician.
  • ExpressAlign Performs every alignment with a streamlined procedure. ExpressAlign analyzes each job and presents the optimal action sequence with the minimum steps required.
  • WinToe Is a timesaver on nearly every alignment. Ensure a straight steering wheel every time without repeated adjustments or using a steering wheel holder. Tools and Kits Database saves trips back and forth to the tool box. Hunter presents all of the too
  • Virtual View Displays your alignment job in 3-D using real-time 3-D models. Used by experts and novices alike. Control Arm Movement Monitor� Cuts adjustment times in half for front-shim, dual-cam or dual-slot vehicles. Step-by-step graphics let you get
  • Shim-Select II Eliminates confusing shim charts and tables. Shim Select II quickly calculates and displays the template you need for proper shim installation. Wheel-Off Adjustment speeds the alignment process by making adjustments with the wheel removed



Weight approx. 561 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 54 x 45 x 52 inch



1-HE421PCMBMW Hawkeye Elite Cabinet Mounted Sensors Login for pricing Add to cart
1-HE421WMBMW BMW Sensors-Wall mounted for straight or angled approach bays (may be ceiling mounted) Login for special pricing Add to cart
1-WA674BMW Aligner with New premium compact cabinet and 27" Wide Screen LCD Display. Cabinet in BMW White. Login for special pricing Add to cart



1-20-3322-1-B WinAlign® 15 software upgrade. Includes keys, the latest spec database and Installation/Training by Hunter Service Rep. Requires HW1B PC. A standard WinAlign Aligner key must be present for the upgrade. Login for pricing Add to cart