Vacutec Leakfinder Diagnostic Smoke Vapor Leak Detection System with UltraTraceUV Dye Solution

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Designed to exacting BMW specifications, the Leakfinder® 625-WV609 smoke tester is approved for general purpose leak detection and Evaporative Emission Systems (EVAP) leak-testing on all BMW vehicles. This product incorporates STAR Diagnostic Smoke® Technology, inside. It is the simplest and quickest way to find many vehicle system leaks. Smoke vapor-generating leak detectors containing STAR Technology inside are the only leak detectors in the world mandated by automakers (OEMs), including BMW. The patented technology inside your Leakfinder®, including the vapor-producing solution (UltraTraceUV®), was designed in collaboration with major OEMs, in order to establish a standard for leak detection. It is designed to be safe for vehicle systems and will not void factory warranties. It is also the only smoke technology in the world that meets SAE INTERNATIONAL Published Papers' safety standards recommendation to use a smoke tester designed to function with an inert gas (such as Nitrogen, Argon or CO2) when testing a vehicle's fuel evaporative (EVAP) system [SAE: 2007-01-1235 and 2008-01-0554]. Includes accessories: 625-WVA-060 Inert Gas Pack Kit (CO2 bottle ships empty) 625-WVA-01 Standard Adapter Cone (2 cones included) 625-WVA-067 Large Cone Adapter 625-WVA-02 Assorted Cap-Plug Set 625-WV0712UV UltraTraceUV® Diagnostic Smoke® solution (2 bottles included) 625-WVA-074 Combination Light, Batteries, and Yellow Glasses 625-WVA-06 EVAP Service Port Adapter Fitting (Standard Size) 625-WVA-049 Dual-Size Schrader Removal / Installation Tool 625-WVA-03 Smoke Diffuser 625-WVA-080 Universal Power Converter 625-WVA-087 Handle Pad 625-WV609-MAN WV609 Leakfinder® Instruction Manual
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BMW Leakfinder® Smoke Tester



  • Smoke and fluorescent dye identifies the leak(s). Is user refillable.
  • Two bottles UltraTraceUV® Smoke Solution (625-WV0712UV) included.
  • Large, easy-to-read, extremely-accurate flow meter. Cross-indexed for shop air or CO2 at three critical leak thresholds: 0.040" (1mm), 0.020" (0.5mm), and 0.010" (0.25mm).
  • Test gas (air or inert) only, or Smoke with variable flow control.
  • Included Power Converter connects to AC power outlet to avoid using the vehicle battery as tester power source.
  • Includes second Adapter Cone (standard) in this package.
  • Inert Gas Pack Kit included. Provides a portable pressure source of CO2 for safer EVAP testing.
  • Handle Pad. Ergonomic and non-slip for gripping comfort.



Weight approx. 10.5 lbs
Power supply 12 VDC V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 13 x 9 x 13.5 inch



399-WV0712UV UltraTraceUV® Diagnostic Smoke® solution (2 bottles included) $58.00 Add to cart
399-WVA-003 Smoke Diffuser $26.00 Add to cart
399-WVA-006 EVAP Service Port Adapter Fitting (Standard Size) $50.00 Add to cart
399-WVA-01 Standard Adapter Cone $40.00 Add to cart
399-WVA-02 Assorted Cap-Plug Set $26.00 Add to cart
399-WVA-049 Dual-Size Schrader Removal / Installation Tool $21.00 Add to cart
399-WVA-060 Inert Gas Pack Kit (CO2 bottle ships empty) $173.00 Add to cart
399-WVA-067 Large Cone Adapter $70.00 Add to cart
399-WVA-074 Combination Light, Batteries, and Yellow Glasses $65.00 Add to cart
399-WVRP-101 Filter Kit $607.00 Add to cart