Newaire Plugin Series I

USD $130.00

Queenaire Technologies, Inc.

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Odors and indoor air quality are a struggle regardless of the industry you work in. The Newaire Plugin emulates the air that you find by a waterfall or in a forest where the negative ion counts are high and the fresh smell of ozone is in the air. This is a very simple clean technology that allows you to naturally eliminate odors without the use of harsh chemicals throughout your facility.



  • 100% Natural Patented Ion Wind Technology.
  • Destroys Odors 24/7 „HMinimal Maintenance.
  • 15 + Year Life Expectancy.
  • No Chemicals to Replace.
  • Silent Operation.
  • Improves air quality with enhanced ionization.
  • Two Year Warranty.
  • Looking for Green Products?
  • What can be greener than Mother Nature's very own air cleaner.



Weight approx. 1 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3-1/2 x 2 x 5-1/2 inch
Power supply 110/volt V/Hz/A