Round rubber adapter for 3-stage arm lifts, set of four


Made In The USA

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Round rubber adapter for use with Rotary Lifts with 3-stage arms, set of four



  • 2,500 lb. capacity per adapter (10,000 lb. combined capacity for four)
  • Threaded vertical adjustment when added clearance is needed
  • Optional stackable inserts (39-FJ7880) are suggested when more clearance is needed
  • Protects vehicle underbody components or undercoating from metal-to-metal contact
  • For use when lifting vehicles of unibody construction
  • Includes storage rack that mounts to lift column



Load carrying capacity 2,500 lbs each, 10,000 lbs total lbs
Weight approx. 10 lbs
Color Black and metallic
Dimensions (L x W x H) 33 x 11 x 12 inch