Air Conditioning


Tracer Gas Leak Detector Service Kit

USD $881.00

Made In The USA


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The Robinair Tracer Gas service kit gives technicians the tools necessary to use tracer gas in place of refrigerant to find A/C system leaks. Using tracer gas eliminates the need to use expensive refrigerant to find leaks. Filling a system with tracer gas is fast and effective, with a much lower cost than refrigerant. Includes hydrogen gas leak detector, 134a and 1234yf high-side coupler, hose and regulator for tracer gas.



  • Full color LCD with user-friendly message and error screens.
  • Automatic calibration and reset to ambient air.
  • Patented 3 LED ultraviolet (UV) lights with 395–415 nm wavelengths optimized for A/C dye fluorescence.
  • High-intensity LED inspection light.
  • True mechanical pump.
  • Audio mute function.
  • Uses 4 AA alkaline batteries (included).
  • 2-year warranty.



Weight approx. 6.75 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 19.25 x 5 x 14.8125 inch