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Pico NVH Advanced Diagnostic Kit in Case and Foam

USD $2,507.00

Pico Technology


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The Pico Advanced NVH Diagnostic kit from Pico Technology is a cost-effective answer to the many NVH problems facing technicians today. This Kit will allow you to measure vibrations on 3 axes (X, Y and Z) or optionally, to measure vibration or sound on a single axis at four different locations on a vehicle. The software provides a real-time diagnosis to the technician, in the form of either: a bar graph, a frequency chart, a 3D frequency chart, RPM order, road speed view or a time domain view. The ability to start the recording before a road test and playback and analyze the recording back in the shop, ensures that the driver's attention remains on the road. Plus, recordings can be saved to your computer to share or analyze later.

Typical Applications

  • Cabin vibrations at speed
  • Engine vibrations throughout the entire RPM range
  • Clutch judder or vibration
  • Transmission and bearing whine
  • Auxiliary drive noise
  • Brake judder
  • Steering vibrations

Kit Includes:
  • (4) 3 Output NVH interface
  • (4) 3-Axis accelerometer
  • (4) Magnetic mounting for accelerometer
  • (4) Microphone for NVH kit
  • (4) 3 Meter extension cable for the accelerometer or microphone
  • (1) BNC cable (50cm) – blue
  • (1) BNC cable (50cm) – red
  • (1) BNC cable (50cm) – green
  • (1) BNC cable (50cm) – yellow
  • (2) Foam: NVH (dual interface)
  • (1) Carry case


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    Weight approx. 8 lbs
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 16” X 13” X 5” inch