Stud Welding System BSP03

USD $10,922.00

Reliable Automotive


Special stud welding tool for opening standard punch rivet joints (self-piercing rivets).

This procedure involves welding special-steel studs onto punch rivets.* Set supplied with work shop trolley incl. gas bottle holder (max. 5 liter).2x grounding cables with grippers, welding gun incl. 500 special-steel studs.

Not included with it: Rivet gun, extraction head and upgrade kit.



  • 220v 3phase unit
  • Welding current: DC
  • Fuse: 35A



521-7240058 PowerBird Rivet Gun - power battery 14.4 Volt/2.6 Ah and charger, in carry case. $1,800.00 Cart Add to cart
521-WS-341002 BSP03 upgrade kit $601.00 Cart Add to cart
521-ws-932364 Gripping mech-for power bird. Extraction head $1,369.00 Cart Add to cart