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Inspectron High Definition Video Borescope

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The WiScope® is a WIFI HD videoscope that pairs with external screen devices. It offers all the functionalities of a HD videoscope. Its digital capabilities enable the WiScope® to livestream the inspection or store images and videos on the cloud. Paired with it’s companion app, WiCollab®, WiScope® can be used with Android or Windows devices (including Samsung tablets, Realwear headsets, Panasonic Toughbook, Microsoft HoloLens, etc).


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  • High Definition, 720p 5.5mm dual view imager – clear images.
  • Swap imagers while maintaining live video feed (available imagers listed below) – maximize applications.
  • Wi-fi enabled and cloud connectivity – store, manage and share media faster.
  • Durable tool and imager – withstand hot engines (up to 140°).
  • Enabled voice commands when used with Realwear® or Microsoft HoloLens® - enhanced inspection.
  • Accelerate engine diagnosis, leak detection, oil marks and more.
  • Quickly share WiScope® captured photos and videos within Repair Orders, Digital Vehicle Inspections, Multi-Point Inspections and more.
  • Quickly share media with external stakeholders (customers, field service engineers, OEM, etc.).
  • Live stream WiScope® video to enhance Remote Assistance or Training calls.
  • Use in conjunction with Inspectron® WiTorch® to cover all inspection needs.



Dimensions (L x W x H) 1.77" x 3.07" x 6" inch
Weight approx. .5 lbs
Power supply 3.7V, 2600 mAh V/Hz/A



789-923-0576 8.5 mm Diameter High Definition UV Dual View Imager $286.00 Cart Add to cart
789-923-0581 3.8 mm Diameter High Definition Side View Imager $314.00 Cart Add to cart
789-923.0579 5.5 mm Diameter High Definition Dual View Imager $321.00 Cart Add to cart
789-923.0582 3.8 mm Diameter High Definition Forward View Imager $314.00 Cart Add to cart
789-930-0237 5.5 mm Diameter 180° Articulating Imager $641.00 Cart Add to cart