TECNA Smart-Plus Spot Welder

USD $28,161.00


Cebotech, Inc.


Inverter resistance spot welder with Smart Control. Welder automatically senses steel type and thickness, and sets the welding parameters without the need for operator input.



  • Up to 14,000 amps of output power at the electrode tips.
  • Up to 1,350 lbs. of squeeze force.
  • Long reach 20' gun cable length allows for welding while car is still on the bench.
  • Water cooling all the way to the electrode tips for increased electrode life and weld consistency.
  • Balancer supports the weight of the welding gun minimizing operator fatigue
  • Includes BMW software.



Welding cable length 240 inch
Weight approx. 286 lbs
Power supply 208-230-240 3 phase / 60-50 / 60 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 24 x 27 x 49 inch


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