W&S Automatic Inverta Spot GT

USD $25,017.00

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InvertaSpot GT Press & Go. Welder has automatic and manual modes. Machine can easily store welding data and is capable of software updates.



  • InvertaSpot GT press & go. Has automatic and manual mode. Changing setting is like child's play
  • Automatic mode as: automatic metal detection, automatic gun force pressure, automatic current control, automatic time control and automatic data storing.
  • Welder comes with 3 arm sets 495625 medium c-arm, 495620 standard c-arm and 495606 angle electrode set.
  • Also supplied: power unit GT, 22 gallon tank, coolant, C-gun, balancer tube straight, blancer tube angle, 4 wheels with mounting, isolantion band, power cable hanger, c-arm hanger, allen key,balancer roll, c-gun holder, electrode cpas for A32, spring bala



Temperature class A TI
Welding cable length 118 inch
Weight approx. 263 with out coolant and water lbs
Power supply 220v 3 phase V/Hz/A