TruStack Tire Dolly and Tire Display

USD $164.00

Chariot Concepts LLC


30" Round platform dolly for the Display, Transport, or Storage of automotive tires up to 35" Diameter with the ability to secure tires to the base for both safety and professional appearance. Five Commercial-grade 75mm non-marking casters and robust injection-molded plastic design.



  • 5 Industrial-duty casters with strong 4-bolt steel flange mounting and 1000 lb. combined capacity.
  • "EZ Steer" Caster design which allows for one-handed load guidance even on side hills and driveways.
  • Built in Center Anchor to secure tire stacks through the middle.
  • Built in side strap guides for securing tires or cartons from the sides.
  • Lightweight at only 18 lbs and designed with built-in carry handle.
  • Includes 12' nylon lash strap and "Total Lock" caster brakes.
  • Provides a system for "barrel-stacking" tires for display in a way that doesn't easily jostle or tip.
  • Limits liability from falling tires which can bounce into customers/vehicles through lash system.
  • Saves time and resources by facilitating the efficient repeatable deployment of tire stacks for display.


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