Service reminder printer, stand-alone unit with keyboard and GoDex printer kit



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Our convenient, easy-to-use service reminder label system ensures a professional image and helps promote repeat business. Its intuitive controls and LCD operation panel makes it easy to operate. Includes a tough, flexible keyboard and can automatically calculate mileage return intervals. Can be pre-programmed with your company name and phone number. This stand-alone unit plugs directly into a standard wall outlet and works right out of the box.



  • Preprogrammed with 24 industry standard messages.
  • Stand-alone unit plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  • We will program the printer with the shop name and phone that will print on each label.
  • Customizable with your branding.
  • Tough, flexible keyboard included.
  • Can automatically calculate mileage and return intervals.



544-FB-P9944-02B Service Reminder Printer Replacement Ribbon $10.00 Add to cart
544-FK-P9944-03 Includes: 4 rolls of generic imaged labels, red oil can, part # FB-P9933-45, 500/roll and 2 printer ribbons, FB-P9944-02 $77.00 Add to cart



544-FB-GXPPP-01 Custom Programming $83.00 Add to cart
544-SRLPET0000-01W White Static Cling Custom Labels - 12 roll minimum order required $53.00 Add to cart
544-SRLPET0000-03W Clear Static Cling Custom Labels - 12 roll minimum order required $58.00 Add to cart